The Frog Prince Project

Exploring Otherness Through Puppetry

How do you recognise a princess?

I’ve just spent a week looking for princesses and frogs in second hand shops in preparation for when the Frog Prince Project goes into rehearsal next week.

And already I’ve come face to face with one of the questions we will be unravelling through our research. What is a princess?princesses&frogs

When hunting for princesses you have to know how to recognise one when you see one. And by choosing who goes into my bag I have come face to face with the ingrained preconception that princesses are blonde and wear pink.

I couldn’t decide which was the best princess for our project so I will be taking them all with me.

I’m sure that each of the different princesses and frogs will have their own statement to make. It should be a lively discussion when they meet.


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